Guest Blog – Hammerheads, and what I am Certain was a Tiger Shark – Clipperton

Another sunny day at Clipperton. Today diving around the NE side of the island. A lot of activity on the reef for the pre-breakfast dive with White Tip Reef and Galapagos sharks cruising in. If you hung around too long a Moray would be over to check you out. Excitement on the third dive: hammerheads and what I am certain was a Tiger shark – a substantial outline with those silver and black stripes – just checking the video now – it cruised into the reef and skirted us and then back into the blue. Reports from the fourth dive include a turtle sighting ..

Day started well, backward roll straight into the blue and a circling school of big eye jacks. On the second dive I saw a hammerhead, not in the blue but cruising on the reef at 26 metres. I sat out the 3rd dive which is not to be advised on Clipperton as I missed 2 more hammerheads!
But on 4th dive, with a great deal of fish activity, we saw another scalloped hammerhead but it was on the small side. Towards end of dive we also saw a wahoo above us near the surface.A hawksbill turtle was also spotted by another group.
The boobies as ever were a constant source of amusement. The crew and the food are also a constant joy!

PS I’m on my 3rd day of not smoking and I haven’t killed my buddy yet!!!!

I went for a dive today, I hang out with Joel(one of the dive master) the whole dive. We saw chango(Sten)(the other dive master)playing with two moray, crazy monky(chango). Anyway I look up and I saw swimming by a hammerhead, I start to scream to get the attention of the divers that were close to me, and I did….I think that was funny.
Also I saw a  juvenile white tip shark,so cute…Joel was taking a picture of a flounder when a  moray come close to him and surprise him…..hahaha. He scared the moray away with his camera. Was a nice dive…….. Peter one of the guest had a thought, that  maybe I’m the only Mexican woman that has being diving in Clipperton in 2011. Cool ha!!!!!.

Hostess Silvia.

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