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  • Tuna at Clipperton Atoll

    Loads of fish at Clipperton Atoll

    Shark life was evident almost immediately with several juvenile silver tips cruising around under the boat and checking out the divers. Green and fine-spotted morays roamed the reef bottom, free swimming and often following divers. One diver reported a large hammerhead shark, and I saw an adult silky shark cruising the blue as well. Lots of leather bass, moorish idols, butterfly fish, the endemic Clipperton Atoll angelfish, damsel fish, sergeant majors, blue and gold snapper, trevally jacks, black triggers, goldrim surgeonfish, among others completed the beautiful reef scene.

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  • Huuhhh?? After our best season ever for big animals at Socorro Island, the last couple of days have been slow.

    1945hrs We’ve just departed Socorro Island for our annual Clipperton expedition. We spent the last two days diving at San Benedicto and Socorro of the Revillagigedo chain of islands. The diving was a little disappointing with minimal big animal activity. A few hammerhead sharks here and there and one giant manta for a couple lucky honeymooners. Not as dramatic as it should be but occasionally these slow periods do happen. Our main destination for this expedition however is Clipperton atoll which is the lone island in this part of the world forming part of the Republic of France. This is…

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  • Guest Blog – Hammerheads, and what I am Certain was a Tiger Shark – Clipperton

    Another sunny day at Clipperton. Today diving around the NE side of the island. A lot of activity on the reef for the pre-breakfast dive with White Tip Reef and Galapagos sharks cruising in. If you hung around too long a Moray would be over to check you out. Excitement on the third dive: hammerheads and what I am certain was a Tiger shark – a substantial outline with those silver and black stripes – just checking the video now – it cruised into the reef and skirted us and then back into the blue. Reports from the fourth dive…

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  • Captain’s Blog – Three beautiful dives on pristine coral reef – Clipperton – 10th April 2011

      7am – up early and there it was – Clipperton on the horizon – the edge of the circular atoll a wider expanse than expected between the groups of coconut palms – by 8 am we were there escorted by schools of dolphins and diving Boobies! (It is lucky to get pooped on by a Boobie isn’t it?) We cruised around the southwest of the island – the deserted flagpole, the coconut palm grove where the settlement had been, the wrecked boat – the rocky outcrop who knows if Clipperton’s treasure is still there? But then it was dive…

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  • 50 trips to Socorro Island and I still find new experiences above and below the water to take my breath away – First Mate Log – May 17, 2010

    Good evening! This is first mate Sandy writing, from the beautiful Sea of Cortez near La Paz, Mexico. We have anchored in a small bay on the island of Espiritu Santo for the night, before heading back to the local California sea lion colony, Los Islotes, for some adrenaline-filled diving with some gregarious marine mammals tomorrow morning.  It’s been more than 3 years since I’ve been on a trip to the Sea of Cortez, and there certainly is something magical about it. Some may say that her day is past – that the crowds of pleasure boats and luxury yachts…

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  • According to the size of the uterus, these sharks are ready to give birth + unbelievable humpback whale behavior around divers. April 24, 2010. Guest log.

    My God!! Easily one of the best whale encounters of my life. A mother and calf humpback playing and relaxing around our ship, approaching snorklers for over an hour. At one point, the calf approached me to within a meter or two to look me directly in the eye. An amazing experience!!!!     Scott Davis Today we started the shark tagging program in Mexican waters! One receiver was set on the west side of Roca Partida at 127 ft. The location is excellent and a shark cleaning station is very near from it. After we set it we saw three scalloped…

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  • Hammerhead shark field report – big jump for shark research project conducted onboard the Nautilus Explorer on the Clipperton Island expedition – Guest blog – April 23, 2010

    We are coming back from Clipperton island by now. This was a small step for our project but a big jump for shark research. We set three different underwater receivers located to the NE, south and NW of Clipperton. In previous years we have tagged several species of sharks in different island from the Pacific. My colleague James Ketchum has tagged scalloped hammerheads and galapagos sharks in Galapagos, Cocos and Malphelo. They have found connectivity between this three islands of the Pacific but the puzzle its bigger than that. We have the theory that long migration species such these follow…

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