Maya’s ode to Roca Partida

An ode to Roca Partida… many divers travel around the world to destinations where they “expect” to see certain marine life. The magic of Revillagigedo is in knowing that when you roll off the skiff in to the water for each dive, you never know what you might see.

Our dives at Roca Partida this trip were nothing short of spectacular. Over two days with beautiful weather, very mild current and great visibility, divers continuously surfaced smiling and cheering about what they had seen. On the corners, we were surrounded by impressive schools of big eye trevally, fusiliers and black jacks, while white tip reef sharks surfed the current and crowded the balcony ledges on the wall behind us.

In the blue, schools of bonito, wahoo, massive yellowfin tunas, silvertip sharks, very large galapagos sharks in schools of 15-20, a school of over 50 scalloped hammerheads, and a safety stop mobula ray… all on a single dive of course.

Just when we were wondering how it could get any better… our eyes adjust looking out into the blue water as the famous spots of the largest fish in the ocean appear. A school bus of a giant female *WHALESHARK!!* cruises past us, only to be followed by a couple chevron and black manta rays.

There really are few places in the world where one can see such a wide variety of pelagic life all together, so consistently. An incredible end to a great trip with incredibly happy divers, thanks Roca!

– Divemaster Maya

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