Volkswagen Beetle Sized Tuna?

Wonderful, supportive, extremely professional crew aboard, across all disciplines from captain to chef. Exceptional food, snacks, and cookies.
Roca Partida is amazing. Every dive is filled with swarms of fish, various sharks, mantas, joy, and smiles.
Diving here four times a day does not get boring. Looking at the majestic rock from both above and below water is stunning.
The trip is a marvelous experience!
– Norbert, Germany

Roca is pulling through.
Day seven of the trip was spent swimming with some of the gentle giants of Socorro.
Like yesterday, we were greeted with dancing mantas within 5 minutes of almost every dive. Although the mantas are amazing to watch, they are soon forgotten as VW beetle sized yellowfin tuna bolt past in hot pursuit of schools of bonitos.
The conditions here have been almost perfect – glassy water, no wind, no current, and easily 30 plus meters visibility. Although we spotted a couple small schools and one school of at least 50, the Hammerheads haven’t really been playing the game today. The lack of current has been keeping them out in the deep blue.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s day of diving.
– DM Sam Brakenridge, New Zealand

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