Singing humpback whales, giant mantas and a whale shark!

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Mexico

We had two days at Roca partida with beautiful conditions. First day was so calm so we even let out the kajaks and some patient guest got to se them under water.  The current was weak so we could move out away a bit from the rock in the school of bait fish and we had regular sightings of hammerhead sharks and galapagos and silver tip sharks. We hid among the big school of hundreds and hundreds of black jacks and got pretty close to the shy hammerhead sharks. A good working trick. Probably we had good sharking because there where a big impressive school of thousands of Bonitos. Which is good food for sharks and made the presence of Silkie sharks more common than normal.  Sometimes the song of the humpback whales was so strong so you thought you will see them any moments.

On one of our dives we got a small whale shark ca 7m slowly swimming around the rock an friendly one that turned that close to us that we had to swim away not to get pumped. It is amazing that a such a big animal just has an eye just a bout a centimeter big. We where directly eye to eye with her. And this is not normally the time for whale shark, we use to see them more in november , december when the water is warmer , but this year the temperature has been 3-4 C warmer then normal, thats maybe why we see them. While we where diving with the whale shark just aside of him we find two dancing manta giant and on top of that two mobula rays circling around and on the surface a female Mahi mahi or dolphin fish where chasing. Well i consider that a good dive. Roca partida rocked this trip!  Divemaster Sten

Surface conditions.  Mix of sun and clouds.  .Temp 26-28 C.  super calm with a long low open ocean swell

Uw conditions. very mild current Viz from 50-100ft. Temp 25-26 C 76-78 F

By Nautilus Staff

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