This has got to be my best liveaboard trip to date


Cabo Pierce. Smooth run over from Roca. Had Mantas waiting in the bay while the Mexican Navy verified our paper work, then over to Cabo Pierce. Hammerheads out on the point for dive one 76 degree water and little current. Dolphins at 60 feet at the point for dives two and three. Very photogenic. Whales circling the bay all day long. 2 crew members saw one in the water with them while the passengers were off-gassing from dive 2. Another rocking day only topped off by the crab feast for dinner followed by night snorkeling with silky sharks and a guest appearance by several dolphins. SF

28.3.2009 to 5.04.2009

San Benedicto, Roca Partida, Socorro

What a fantastic week! This has got to be my best liveaboard trip to date, enabled by cooperative weather, a first rate crew, scrumptuous meals courtesy of Chef Wendy, a congenial group of guests and of course, ever exciting and captivating sealife. Mornings greeted us with an overcast sky but this quickly gave way to gently clouded blue sky and warm sun. Humpback whales and pods of dolphins were constant companions. There was plenty of action underwater from schooling hammerheads to graceful mantas and a definite surprise highlight: a whaleshark! Even though it was a juvenile at about 12 feet, it proved to be a faithful companion and stayed long enough for all to witness. I was pleasantly surprised by the social nature of the pelagic creatures, especially by my first hour-long encounter with a chevron manta and frequent underwater encounters with dolphins. Although the humpback whales were not to be seen underwater, their vocalizations travelled effortlessly though the blue making me constantly aware of their proximity. Aboard the Explorer, they could be seen breeching. A great big thank you to the crew (Gordon, Jason, Dusan, Wendy, Sylvia, Favi, Meg, Lauren, Sandy, Sten and Pedro) and guest divers (Bret, Tina, Tony, Alicia, Chuck, Connie, John, Paul, Frank, Christine, Peter, Heike, Steve, Betsy, Dave, Chris, Phil, Patricia, Giorgio, Mateo, and Christina) for making this a dive adventure to remember! Bea Ngai

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