High expectations but nothing at the Boiler.

Location: The Canyon and The Boiler, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Baja California, Mexico

This morning we got up there were dolphins swimming around the Nautilus Explorer and some of us where already in the water snorkeling with the dolphins before the pre-breakfast snack/continental  breakfast at 0700.The first dive was really good.  We had dolphins, hammerhead sharks  and some also  played with giant pacific mantas. Great dive!

We decided to move up to The Boiler any way as we had not dived there this trip and we saw….nothing. Aarrgghh.  That is  typical of big animal diving.  You never know quite where the animals are going to be or when you are going to see them. High Expectations and nothing!   So we went back to The Canyon , had sharks and some giant manta rays again.   We where  very happy for an beautiful very rich trip. Sadly today is our last day and it was time to steam back to civilisation again.   Sten.

Surface conditions. Calm 5 to 6  ft low open ocean swell outside, calm in the anchorage.. A bit cloudy temp 27C

Underwater conditions. Viz  unusually low for Socorro with volcanic ash kicking up from the bottom.   30-60ft slow current. temp 77 F 25 C.

By Nautilus Staff

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