Guest blog March 28 trip


San Benedicto, Canyon, After a very calm ride over arrived at San Benedicto mid morning.  Had a pod of dolphins waiting to greet us.  In water was marvelous.  77 degrees and 60ft viz.  Hammerheads waiting for us at the cleaning stations.  3 mantas came in to distract us during what might have been the funnest safety stop ever.  They swooped and dove and even bumped several divers.  Amazing dive.  —–  Steve Frable


Roca Partida.  Wonderful day for diving.  Clear sky, calm water, sounds of humpbacks are the backdrop to some great diving.  Hammerheads, galapagos, silke sharks, big schools of fish and manta rays.  But the best part of the day was a chance encounter with a mother and baby humpback whale  while out kayaking … had just enough time to jump into the water with mask and fins to see her swim right at me and then turn 10 feet away!!!! The icing on the cake was a Manta Ray who was a real `’player” who wanted to interact with all the divers on the last dive of the day.  Dave Guy


Roca Partida.  Didn’t know how we could beat yesterday but we started off with a school of hundreds of hammerhead sharks.  The Humpback whales put on a real show next to the boat for our surface interval.  The whales were singing away on the second dive when a whale shark came along to play for over 20 minutes!!!!  Diving simply does not get better than this.  The third and fourth dives had amazing schools of jacks, bonita, and tuna.  Dave Guy


Roca Partida.  Although the clouds were thick when we woke-up this morning the seas were calm, the water temp was 76 degrees and it was an awesome dive day.  Perhaps it was because Chuck wore his blue swim suit and Bea willed in Manta’s..We had Chevron Manta’s, schools of hammerhead, and tons of white tips.  Best of all was a baby Whale Shark 10 to 15 foot.  Stayed around along time.  Can’t beat this day !  Chuck Gerlovich and Connie Cummings

By Nautilus Staff

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