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Overall Impression of Guests Gennady and Julia

This was a fantastic trip that totally exceeded our expectations! Even from the first meeting at Sea Creatures, we were impressed by how caring and friendly the crew was. Also, it was very important to us, being the first time on a liveaboard, to see such a serious and comprehensive approach to our safety, both on the boat and during the dives, while still making sure that we all enjoyed every minute of the trip.

The dives themselves were spectacular, and the dive masters were amazing at finding whale sharks (which was the first time for us and just a couple of feet away), hammerheads (the first time for us), black mantas (first time for us), many other different sharks, and a lot of other sea creatures. Every day was beautiful and offered some new sights and experiences.

My husband and I were diving side-mount, and we were not sure how we could be accommodated since everyone else was diving back-mount. The dive masters not only made us feel comfortable but also helped to improve some configurations of our equipment, which we really appreciated, and it gave us more confidence. Thank you, Juan David and Ima!!!

We would like to mention the great food and amazingly attentive service!!!!

Summing up, we can say that it was an absolute pleasure spending 9 days on a boat with such a great group of people who love their jobs, love the ocean and all the marine life, and their enthusiasm is definitely contagious!!! We are already thinking of when we can come back with our kids and maybe do a trip to the Sea of Cortez

Guest Frankie Has A Great Time Onboard

I had booked the Great White shark dive trip to Guadalupe and when it was canceled I was so disappointed. However, now I am so thankful. Going to Socorro on the Belle Amie was a trip of a lifetime. As a single female diver going on my first liveaboard, I was concerned about not knowing anyone but the crew and fellow divers quickly made me feel like family. SUPERB customer service and top-of-the-line safety standards.

The trip was filled with tons of laughter and a jaw-dropping underwater experience. Watching videos online does not come close to the thrill of a giant manta slowly gliding by in all its sleek elegance. I am so grateful to have had this memorable experience of a lifetime.

Incredible Dives by Guest Mark

I have been on several liveaboard dive trips before, and always ask fellow divers about their best dive trips, with Socorro featuring more regularly within that feedback than any other dive destination. Having consulted with a colleague in the dive travel industry, Nautilus was obviously the stand-out operator in this area, and the trip lived up to my expectations in every way.

First, from the dive perspective, it is amongst the best diving I have experienced, particularly for big pelagic species… every dive featured a wealth of sightings. I encountered dolphins, mantas, tuna, wahoo, turtles, whale sharks, and various other species of shark including silky, Galapagos shark, tiger shark, hammerhead, white tip, and oceanic silver tip being some of the stars of the show.

The crew was thoroughly professional and yet great fun, and the service and food were understated and yet excellent… In short, we could not have asked for a better trip, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Nautilus, the Belle Amie, and Socorro as a dive destination and operation to all experienced divers… If it is not “on your list”, it should be, and you will not be disappointed.

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