Incredible Diving Experiences of Guests Off Socorro Islands

Socorro Islands is one of the best and most isolated dive sites in the world and guests typically have a very thrilling experience. Here are two such first-hand encounters with exotic marine life by guests that have given them once-in-a-lifetime memories.

First-hand Encounters of Guest Roger Skillman

Socorro Island Dive Trip June 29-July 7, 2023

Today is day 3 of some fantastic diving aboard Nautilus Undersea. This trip had a short 1-day detour into the Sea of Cortez as we waited out some tropical weather in the Socorro area. We made dives at La Ventana and Cerralvo Island. The Island is a beautiful finger of land that extends from shore into the sea. This rather shallow site was teeming with corals, sea fans, and plenty of tropical fish. Of note were large schools of Convict Tangs, Scissortail Damselfish, and Triggerfish.

Day two found us at San Benedicto and “The Boiler” dive site. Known for its friendly manta rays, this day did not disappoint us. Silky sharks, White-tip Reef sharks, Galapagos Sharks, and Hammerhead sharks kept us company as we interacted with the manta rays. True giants of the ocean!

After a day at San Benedicto, we “drove” over to our home for day three – Roca Partida. A little rock in a big ocean, but WOW!! the marine life found underwater is simply amazing. Huge Yellowtail Tuna and Wahoo cruised the crowded fish lanes, looking for an afternoon snack. White Tip reef Sharks were tired of laying on their balconies, so they were swimming what seemed like everywhere. Silvertip sharks and Galapagos Sharks added to the sharky adventure. We are within an hour of making dive four for the day. And so far, Roca Partida will probably be everyone’s favorite site for the trip.

A Day with the Mantas – Guest Madeline Cox and Family

Socorro Island Dive Trip – Day 3

After a long travel day at sea, the feeling of being seasick was diminished once we arrived at Isla Benedicto as we saw our first manta off the port side. This was a sign we were about to have some incredible dives. Team Mobulas assembled our dive equipment and off we went on our first dive at The Boiler. The energy of the surge as it pushed and pulled us along its borders was humbling.

It all started on our second dive. We were just coming around the corner of the Boiler and I was about to take a picture of my sister when a giant shadow loomed over us. I looked away from my camera to see this giant mantra ray gliding toward us. I nearly dropped my regulator out of my mouth as this was the first manta I had dived with. To top the experience, a SECOND manta came into view and swam with us for 3 to 4 minutes. When you see photos and videos of mantas in the movies or magazines, they truly do not do justice to these majestic creatures.

After the dive, everyone was speechless. Little did we know what awaited us on our 3rd dive. I remember looking down at my dive computer that read 15 minutes into our dive. Suddenly, I had the urge to look behind the group and guess what was behind us. I would say a 15-foot manta gliding over us… ANOTHER ONE we thought? This beautiful creature swam with us for nearly 30 minutes simply gliding and dancing so effortlessly in the water. It was an experience my family and I will never forget.

To finish the day, we had hot cocoa (and baileys) and a gorgeous view of the volcano. While waiting for the yummy taco dinner being prepared for us, we sat on the top deck with Elise and Manu tracking a tiger shark that Julia had spotted off the boat. After enjoying the mouthwatering flavors of the Mexican food, Julia, Sam, Pat and I spent some time spotting the silky sharks off the back of the boat. Seeing their eyes sparkle on the surface of the water was mesmerizing. Now we are at Roca Partido, one of the most isolated dive sites in the world. It has proven to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The schools of fish and sharks are something out of National Geographic. It was a blessing to be able to dive at such a unique dive site with my family.

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