Diving Off the Socorro Islands – A Surreal Experience

As a dive master, I have always found diving off Socorro Islands a once-in-a-lifetime experience, regardless of the number of dives I have been through with the guests.

Take the case of two of our guests coming from France. Anne and Eric started diving about 7 years ago and have been diving in many different places around the world since then. Mexico is one of their favorite destinations. They “escaped” the lockdown in 2021 and flew to Cozumel where they were able to swim, snorkel and dive in front of the place they were staying.

Now is their first time going to Socorro. Mantas, hammerhead sharks, big yellowfin tunas, silvertip sharks, and even tiger sharks have been on the “menu” these days. In Anne’s words, this has been among the best dives of the trip and the first time they have seen hammerhead sharks! A trip, a dive they will never forget!

A Combined Trip to Socorro and the Sea of Cortez

A combined trip to Socorro and the Sea of Cortez is a double delight for all and as a dive master, I feel happy to see the excitement amongst my guests when they encounter exotic sea creatures. My experience in these locations now is no less memorable.

Mother nature is unpredictable and constantly reminds us to be humble and enjoy what she has to offer us. On this trip, we were scheduled to visit Socorro Islands, but a set of storms prevented us to start our journey directly south. We did a two-day detour in the Sea of Cortes.

Our guests were amazing! They love the ocean, they love diving, and we had so much fun the last two days diving in some of the best spots in the southern Sea of Cortes. We saw first-hand an impressive number of fish, colorful and healthy reefs, playful sea lions, interesting and full-of-life wrecks, and great fish and nudibranch diversity, including a tiny frogfish!

In the words of our guests, this storm was a bonus, because in only one trip they had a combo trip including Sea of Cortes and Socorro! Yes, the storm has dissipated and we are on our way to San Benedicto!

Mantas … here we come!

What A Guest Has to Say About Diving in Socorro

Dive-masters like me have these amazing encounters with sea animals coming all the time. But read first-hand the memorable experience of Guest Sam Hendy, Pat Cox aka The Ramora.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand pictures could not put into words the feeling of these dives. Picture this: a massive Manta is gliding your way, what I can only describe as flying, and just as you´re about to get run over, it flares up and does a little dance over the top of you. Absolutely indescribable! And just when you think you have caught your breath, you are at the Roca Partida, one of the most remote dive sites in the world, with a wall of life in front of you and the biggest blue you could ever imagine behind you.

Takeaways for this trip include, but are not limited to: the world is big, the ocean is bigger, white tip sharks are the kittens of the sea, and to expect nothing, enjoy everything. An absolute once-in-a-lifetime experience that I got to share with my family (Team Mobulas) and friends (the schools of tuna).

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