You Can Expect Top-Class Diving from the First Dive

There is a common belief among divers that check-out dives are not the best dives of a trip. In the expeditions to Socorro Islands, you can expect top-class diving from the first dive. We usually do our check-out dive from the stern of the boat in a dive site called Fondadero in San Benedicto Island. It is a good practice because everybody is relaxed and has time to do the final adjustments to their gear and weights. Relax divers always have good luck! This week our check-out dive was a blast! The current was mild, the visibility was 60 ft and the animals were all waiting for us. We saw one chevron oceanic manta and one black manta cleaning. While we were enjoying the mantas two adult bottlenose dolphins came by to call for some attention. They were scratching each other and closing their eyes while they were doing it. It seemed that they were enjoying it very much. They swam in circles around us three times. It was a magical moment. Oceanic mantas, dolphins, silvertips, whitetips on a check-out dive can happen only in Revillagigedo islands! Love on the first dive!

  • Divemaster Celina, Argentina onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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