Wow! Giant manta, tiger shark, hammerhead

Magical islands – full of surprises. One minute you’re zooming in on a tiny flatfish or hidden lobsters…and then you look up and wow! Giant Manta or a Tiger Shark or Hammerhead!!

I think this can help remind us that although the small things are important at the time, remember to not get too caught up to look at and appreciate the bigger picture. Also, don’t forget to appreciate the people looking after you! Everyone aboard the Under Sea has been amazing; helping us in and out of the water, guiding us around the dive sites, and so knowledgeable and attentive.

And oh my gosh, the food has been incredible! I’ve felt so so welcome, so thank you !!!!

– Love from Jen xxx, England

I have done most of my diving on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef but this was a completely different experience – big pelagics everywhere! The experience with the giant Mantas and dolphins and the respectful interaction with these playful creatures is something that will be etched in my soul for life though I am sure I will have to repeat the experience in the future!

And to make the experience even more enjoyable was the beautiful Belle Amie (the most comfortable room we have ever had on a liveaboard) and of course as with any experience it is the special attention to detail from all the amazing crew.

From the amazing food (thank you chef Pibe and Tachi !!), the fun loving and informative dive masters Eline, Felipe, Keoni, Sergio, and my big loveable teddy bear Hector 🙂 and of course the ever energetic “nudibranch” Chiva and smiling Laurentina. A big thank to el capitano Graham and first mate Lowel, and Engineering Daniel. Also a big thank you to Adil for capturing all our memories. We will be back. 🙂

– Taryn Agius and Perry Jones – Malta , England – Australia !

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