Always amazing Roca Partida

It is always an amazing experience to dive at Roca Partida. This is definitely my favourite place to dive. Apart from the dramatic scenery of this tiny rock in the middle of the ocean dropping to the abyss, it is home to a lot of marine life that just meet there.

This trip we had perfect visibility and sea condition. Water was 25C, weather was very calm. As we dropped in, the rock was surrounded by thousands of jacks, tight in schools, and surrounded by hundreds of tunas, all sizes, swimming around the rock and hunting like crazy behind the smaller fish. Galapagos and silkies were also at the party, along with silvertips.

As we swam a little bit apart from the rock, we ended up in the most massive school of tunas I have ever seen. they were literally all around us, and you could see they were excited by their hunt – it was breakfast time.

As for the surprises, 3 Mobulas swam by, also hunting, and then a black Mantas showed up, followed by a very big mobula ray. This site is definitely magic!

– Divemaster Yann

Mantas galore!

We have had some more incredible big animal encounters on this trip. The humpback whales are beginning to arrive in the archipelago. We have seen them at all three islands that we visited.

Wonderful manta shows throughout the trip on San Benedicto island and Socorro island. Schooling hammerheads at Roca Partida. And a whale shark on the second dive of the trip!

Socorro here we come again!

– Divemaster Casey

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