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  • Sea Lions at San Benitos

    San Benitos: A Sea Lion’s Playground

    If I had to describe San Benito’s diving in just a few words, I would say that is is a “sea lion’s playground.”

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  • Trip Recap by Lowell

    Had a wonderful season at Guadalupe. Not many people have the opportunity to come within a foot or two of a Great White shark. Countless shark encounters both above and below the water each trip. We had yellow tail, seals and yellowfin tuna alongside the Whites this year. Something special about this area of the world. We ended the Guadalupe season with large females and surprisingly a good number of males. After departing Guadalupe we turned the bow to Cedros Island, where of guests were able to enjoy and laugh with the sea lions, fur and elephant seals that line…

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  • “Big” and “Cream Puff” visit the Nautilus UnderSea

    Today would have to be the equivalent of a “bluebird” day, underwater, that is. Our second day at Guadalupe is what I would consider to be a “blue water white shark” day. What started out with a bit of an overcast sky soon burned off and made for beautifully sunny and blue water cage diving day from the Nautilus UnderSea. By lunchtime, we had all had a couple rounds of excellent dives with at least six different sharks – at least three males and three females. From the submersible cages, shark activity picked up in the deeper blue, with some great…

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  • It’s that time of the season when the really big female white sharks start showing up at Guadalupe Island. We call them big momma’s.

    For the first 6 weeks or so of the season we see almost exclusively male white sharks. Generally they are a little smaller in size than the females, especially in girth. When a big female appears in front of the cages they are unmistakable and awe inspiring. Their movements are a little more slow, more deliberate, and you can almost feel the dominance and power in their movements and behavior. Today I saw my first big female of the season. In length she was about average, maybe 14 ft, however it was her girth and sheer mass that first indicated…

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  • Conservation threats

    The island was part of the route of the Nao de la China, the Spanish galleon. Galleons were the big wooden cargo ships that made the route from China and the Philippines to the New Spain –as it was called Mexico back then. As the trip was very long, the Spaniards brought some goats with them and set them free at the island, so when they’ll made a stop there they can have fresh meat. But the problem was that Isla Guadalupe doesn’t have any big predators, the biggest one is the burrowing owl, there were no threats for the…

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  • Divemaster Report : San Benitos

    Date: Aug 14, 2013 Location: San Benitos Dive 1: 0800 ˆ Peck Rock (north end of East Benitos) Temp: 63F Viz: 90ft Wx: light wind from NW, overcast Seas: 3-4′ nw’ly swell Comments: Good dive, lots of fish life, a few sea lions around. Found a long stretch of fishing long-line and recovered it onboard. Guests enjoyed it but not enough to want a second dive there. Dive 2: 1100 ˆ North point of East Benitos (formerly the Enchanted Forest) Temp: 63F Viz: 90ft Wx: same as above Seas: same Comments: This divesite used to be our most healthy kelp…

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  • One of my favorite places on earth to be is sitting on top of a cage suspended 10 metres beneath the surface of the waters surrounding Guadalupe Island.

    Add in a Great White shark staring into my eyes as it passes by only a few meters away easily makes it my number one favorite place to be. This week was my first trip back to Guadalupe after our 8 month season at the Socorro Islands, but it almost feels like I never left. Even when there are no sharks around, the anticipation and feeling of knowing that at any moment you could see the toothy smile of a 4 meter white shark materialize out of the blue is enough to keep my adrenaline flowing. For the past three…

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