Incredible First-Hand Experience of Our Guests Aboard the Nautilus

The Sea of Cortez is teeming with exotic sea creatures, both large and small, and a diving adventure trip here onboard the Nautilus is always a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our guests have the time of their lives and are always happy about it. Here is some of their first-hand account of the incredible wildlife they have seen below the water.

Guest Allison

Today we did four dives at Las Animas. On all dives, we saw sea lions and fur seals. The sea lions were playful: dancing with and interacting with the divers. The fur seals were curious but shy. We were lucky to swim with dolphins during our surface interval. All dives were fantastic! Between dives, the crew took excellent care of us so we could rest up for the next adventure.

Guest Ann

The Sea of Cortez has been a delight so far. Already, there have been so many opportunities to interact with critters large and small. Today, in Las Animas, I got the chance to interact very closely with the cutest sea lions and fur seals. It was pure magic.

All the while, my dive masters and crew kept me safe while helping me have fun. Ros helped me when I panicked on my first dive, Pascal helped me get back into the water for subsequent dives, and Capitan Ramon kept me laughing. I am looking forward to what the rest of the week will bring!

Guest Bob Cowser

I had read Steinbeck’s THE LOG OF THE SEA OF CORTEZ before arriving in Baja, so La Paz and the Gulf of California were already alive in my imagination when we boarded the Nautilus Belle Amie in the port there Saturday evening. I have been looking forward to this trip for months.

Still, I was not prepared for the excitement of the first two days. Dolphins in our wake as we arrived at Las Animas, then ghostly hammerheads on dive 1, a sea turtle on dive 2, and playful seals and sea lions on dives 3 and 4. The dive masters are knowledgeable and concerned about safety but also give experienced divers a wide berth, carefully grouping divers according to experience and skill level.

Hospitality has been first class, with wonderful food and tremendous consideration for guests. Wonderful meals, refreshments before and after each dive, and the personal touch from Mar and Alice. It is the trip of a lifetime, and we are just getting started.

By Nautilus Guests

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