Snapshots of First-Hand Experiences, Diving Off the Nautilus

When guests come aboard the Nautilus for an amazing diving adventure trip, they almost always leave with memories of a lifetime. Here are some first-hand accounts of how exciting life can be, encountering giant yet gentle creatures of the sea.

Guest Brandon Scott

We just got out of a dive around a WWII ship and it was another great experience. Every dive has been amazing and I have gotten to see a variety of beautiful fish, eels, sea lions, and dolphins. My favorite so far has been diving in the cave and interacting so much with the sea lions, seeing how playful they are – from perching on a diver’s shoulders to nipping at fins to trying to match any diver spinning around and doing flips.

I am a diver with very low experience so I want to express how thankful I am to the crew, especially Ima and Roslam, for taking extra time to get me comfortable in the water again and being ready to help me should I ask it. I have never had an experience like this and I have no doubt it will be one of the greatest vacations I will experience in my life. Thank you again to the entire crew!

Guest Kyle Deckard

The trip has been amazing so far, and it’s only day 3! The whole experience has been first-class all the way around. Special shout-outs to Captain Ramon, Pascal, and Ima. The whole crew takes care of anything we need, the dive masters take the time to make sure everyone is comfortable in the water and the dive sites and Captain Ramon is great at communicating plans and checking on everyone. The crew inside always has refreshments and snacks whenever we need them.

The highlight of the trip so far has been Las Animas! On the first early morning dive, we saw sea lions and hammerheads! On dive 2 in La Cueva at Las Animas, we played with very playful sea lions inside a small cave and it was tons of fun! At the end of that dive a pod of dolphins was swimming around our skiff and we got to free dive with them for a moment before they swam off. Amazing, and many more dives to come!

Guest Karen from Boston

What an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience! Swimming alongside these gentle giants was pretty special and hard to put into words! You must see it to believe it! Ultimate whale sharks delivered! Unforgettable.

Guest Sarah from New York City

Wonderful experience with new friends. Spending the day with these gentle giants was a bucket list moment – so many opportunities to swim with the whale sharks – it did not disappoint.

Summing Up

You might be from any corner of the globe but wildlife lurking below the surface of the ocean and swimming with them never fail to impress guests onboard the Nautilus.

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