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Dear Gallant Lady Crew,

First I must say I have no words about our really spectacular, yes once in a lifetime, trip. We dived around the world, but what we have seen only in 4 days we never could imagine and must realize in the next few days.
The Crew is as always fantastic, the personality, the individualism, the flexibility, they work 24/7 for the guests. Most important is that the divemaster knows the sea excellently, they spot everything and they know exactly where and how they let the guests in the water see all the fantastic animals.
If we want to stay on the RHIB because we found Orcas, Bluewal, Finwale, and Mobulas no problem, we can stay the whole day and of course, the service doesn’t stop, we get the meals, drinks, and fruits on the RHIB.
Important to know is to be open-minded, have no fixed schedule, and follow all the spotted things that the ocean offers to you.Thanks again for having the chance to meet the Gallant Lady and the
Sea of Cortez.

Surely we’ll come back as soon as possible to see more.

Lovely greetings

Martin & Pietra – Vienna
sea lions

The variety of marine life, as well as the landscapes that adorn the surroundings of the Sea of Cortez, is a recurring theme in their comments, as is the attention our excellent staff provides during their journey.

So we left a sunny UK and arrived in a very rainy Cabo…..not quite what we had expected! The rain followed us to the boat but the smiles and welcome we received from the crew were the beginnings of a sunny week. This was a much bigger boat than we had ever experienced but the attention to detail was not diminished.
Sunday morning dawned overcast but the lure of sea lions ensured everyone was up and ready to go. I’ve always been the sole snorkeler on previous liveaboards so to be joined by another 4 enthusiasts was an unexpected delight. By the close of play on our first day we had experienced some wonderful moments with the sea lions…watching a mum nurse her pup was a personal high, being subjected to a cloudburst of biblical proportions and eating some fabulous food.
The next day, normal service was restored……….the sun shone and the sea glistened. The first stop was a wreck in a fabulous setting with a spaghetti western-type ghost town at the head of the bay. My previous experience of wrecks always meant a glut of divers……this was so different, we all emerged grinning – and that’s the way the week has continued.
People often ask me why I go on these trips as a non-diver, well apart from the snorkeling, I love hearing the stories of our shipmates, listening to the divers’ burblings, and watching their clips at the end of each dive, the camaraderie is simply wonderful. This boat is truly international, with people from all walks of life, the youngest guest is 12 and the oldest 77 but we all have a story to tell and all want to hear one another’s. Conversations cover just about every subject and hearing different viewpoints and experiences adds so much to the exchanges. These chats are where our next trips are planned, hearing from others and watching their videos are the best ways to get a true insight into new areas … a lot of very favorable Nautilus reports here too.

As we enter the last phase of our trip to the Sea of Cortez my highlights are stunning scenery. How privileged are we to visit places like this without another boat or even plane in sight? Our day in Bahía De Los Angeles searching for whale sharks was simply magical. A day totally enthralled by the sea lions was glorious, to have animals wanting to play and interact with us was an underwater first for me.
We’ve had a couple of rough crossings and Belle Amie has looked after us. I wouldn’t have wanted to be on a small boat!!
Each and every crew member has added to our week, nothing is a problem and I genuinely feel I have been brought into the family….thank you one and all.

Here’s to the next one

Sue – UK
Sea of Cortez Diving

Once-in-a-lifetime experience. Diving with all these sea lions, and connecting with them, was an incredible experience that I can not describe with words. The crew and everyone else made all the efforts to make sure we had the best experience with sea lions and whale sharks.Still impressed by the Sea of Cortez and how beautiful it is.Fantastic trip!

Silvio Correa Leite Jr.

With over 45 years of hosting diving trips in the Sea of Cortez, this place never stops blowing us away. Our main goal is to ensure our guests are stoked, knowing that their joy equates to content and motivated crews and staff. The Sea of Cortez keeps things interesting, with different marine buddies showing up year-round. We’re throwing the invite your way to join this ongoing journey.

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Dive into the beauty beneath the surface and seize the chance for an epic adventure with us.

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