Swimming with Whale Sharks at the best place in the world.

Reaching Bahia de Los Angeles

Experience the freedom and wholeness of nature alongside these gentle giants in the most paradisaical environment.

We venture into the vastness of the Sea of Cortez, surrounded by intense blue; looking towards the horizon means losing sight of the dividing line between the sky and the sea. We are ready to embark on this adventure aboard the Belle Amie. This liveaboard invites relaxation and enjoyment in each of its spaces perfectly designed for the experience we had been eagerly anticipating.

As we journey further, the view and the surroundings leave us speechless: the place seems like paradise on Earth, existing solely for us to live in.

A delicious breakfast waits for us while our captain takes us along routes with breathtaking landscapes that delight our eyes; marine life abounds, foreshadowing a perfect summer day.

All around us, playful and friendly sea lions welcome us happily as if excited to have visitors.

We prepare to enter the sea. The weather couldn’t be better: a completely clear day and the warm water embraced us, allowing our entry into the sea to be smooth and comfortable.

As soon as we submerge a little, we are left speechless. There are all kinds of fish swimming around us, darting between our arms and legs, approaching curiously to get to know us as much as we want to know them.

Excitement overwhelms us, and this is just the beginning! After a few minutes, there they are: one, two, three, four young whale sharks appear just a few meters away from us, swimming friendly around us, feeding on the abundant plankton in the area, and we are here to bear witness to one of the most important experiences of our lives!

Swimming with Whale sharks in Bahia de Los Angeles

About Swimming with Whale Sharks experience

Taking our Ultimate Whale Shark Adventure is a unique experience from start to finish, and while the main goal is to swim with whale sharks so closely that the moment will forever be etched in your memory, there is so much more to say about this journey.

The planning has been carefully laid out, having an opportunity to interact with different marine species that will captivate your gaze and enjoy a landscape that will leave you speechless.

Bahia de Los Angeles is located north of the Baja California peninsula, so reaching this place involves an adventure aboard the Belle Amie, our ship designed with luxurious finishes for your enjoyment and relaxation.

The Bahia de Los Angeles area is part of the Biosphere Reserve, which means it preserves and protects the unique ecology of the region, including a wide variety of marine species, such as sea turtles, different fish species, sea lions, and of course, whale sharks.

The water visibility is so crystal clear that it’s possible to see all the richness and abundant species around, even without having to submerge, coupled with a feeling of peace and tranquility, unlike other places on the coast of Baja California Sur.

Every year, young whale sharks arrive in Bahia de Los Angeles during the summer to enjoy the warm water and abundant food.

Being able to see whale sharks in this region is very gratifying, as it is an indication that the species is increasing more and more, and it’s possible to have a great experience being close to them, swimming with them, and coexisting in the same environment, sharing the sea.

During the expedition, our captain, working together with the excellent staff on our boat, will seek out optimal areas for you to enjoy various water activities and witness the marine richness of the site, so close that it seems like a fantasy.

The experience of swimming with whale sharks is unparalleled for various reasons, primarily the ability to coexist at a close distance with them.

The feeling of closeness you will experience while swimming with whale sharks will be completely indescribable in words. It is one of the most profound moments of connection you will have with nature and a unique moment that will forever be etched in your memories.

Despite their large size, they may appear intimidating, but they are far from being an aggressive species, quite the opposite.
One interesting fact about these generous giants is that despite their large size, they are completely harmless and couldn’t harm you in any way while swimming with them in the sea, as they have teeth so small that they can only feed on shrimp, some fish, and plankton, an activity that you will undoubtedly want to appreciate since they are truly adorable while doing it.

Whale Shark at Bahia de Los Angeles
Whale shark eating small fishes in Bahia de Los Angeles.

The adventure can only get better as the days go by. Interacting up close with sea lions, appreciating multiple and colorful fish species while snorkeling, even observing large manta rays, and of course, swimming with whale sharks surrounded by a natural paradise can only be a glimpse of the immense beauty that nature has for us, making us feel truly fortunate to share unique moments by its side.

In other words… A dream come true.

More words from our guests about the experience

We could keep sharing many more reasons with you to convince you to embark on the great adventure of swimming with whale sharks, but we’ll let the words of our guests themselves express to you how living this unique experience was for them.

“There was one MASSIVE whale shark that swam directly below me and gave me a perfect view of its beautiful and unique spots. I hope to get the opportunity to swim with whale sharks again soon. It was definitely an experience I will never forget!”

Andrew S. Orange County, CA.

“I had an experience going on the tour for the whale shark, is the first time I see them and it was incredible. They are beautiful and big, I had the chance to swim with them and is something I will never forget. Bahia de Los Angeles was beautiful and the guys to took us there were so nice, I am so happy to be able to do this trip and I hope I have the chance to do it again sometime soon.”

The morning began with a gorgeous sunrise as we approached Bahia De Los Angeles near the northernmost corner of the Sea of Cortez. The evening before, we were briefed on today’s activities and proper whale shark etiquette. I was very excited about the prospect of seeing my first whale shark…and seeing them we did!

We split our large group of divers into 4 small groups of 6 and boarded our pangas for the morning whale shark search. The pangas went in different directions to maximize the search area to increase our odds. Immediately we encountered a large pod of dolphins feeding on bait fish which was very exciting! It wasn’t long before we received word from one of the pangas that a whale shark was spotted and divers were deployed. We raced to the opposite end of the bay, which is a gorgeous bay rimmed in high desert mountains that descend abruptly into the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez, and soon joined the excited divers already in the area. Only 4 divers at a time were allowed in the water with a whale shark in this protected biosphere so we waited our turn eagerly…but soon we had another shark surface so 4 more divers could enter. Then another, and another, and soon all 4 pangas had their own sharks to dive with. We swam with whale sharks continually until our appetites forced us to return to the Belle Amie to fill our bellies. Lunch, as usual, was amazing! We returned to the whale sharks soon after and immediately spotted multiple whale sharks feeding at the surface. We swam with several different small and large. Their beauty and grace made it one of the most amazing wildlife experiences of my life! With exhausted bodies and full memory cards we finally had to end our whale shark experience and head back to the mother ship to prepare for a night dive.

Nathan Meadows

Divers usually get excited by the size of the animals. The more giant the shark or the manta the more impressive. But this time it was the opposite. We ended up very surprised because we encountered a tiny whale shark. We were at the north point of Roca Partida and I heard a shout! Yes, we can shout underwater. I turned and it was Bonny, a frequent guest, she was yelling with happiness and shooting a whale shark 2 meters long. It was tiny. He looked disorientated and curious with the bubbles. He had a totally different behavior than an adult whale shark. it was swimming in circles around us. It is. Whale sharks when they are born are around 50 to 60 cm long and they grow around 50cm per year so maybe this whale shark was around 3 years old. Whale sharks are ovoviviparous and they can have 300 embryos at the same time and not all at the same phase of fertilization. Suddenly 6 massive yellow fin tunas started following the young whale shark. It seemed that the tunas wanted to check out the size of the whale shark by swimming parallel to it. From one moment it looked like they wanted to attack him to eat him or maybe get cleaned by the whale shark. Are those two interactions possible? This is what I love the most about diving in Revillagigedo. Ending the dive with all these questions that they do not have answers. We are so lucky to watch marine life behaviors that very few divers can witness.” 

Celina Amden

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The Baja Ultimate Whale Sharks experience is very popular among marine life enthusiasts who hold great respect for these creatures. That’s why the commitment to these gentle giants must be as vast as the ocean. At Nautilus Liveaboards, we prioritize respecting the ocean and its inhabitants. We encourage our crew members to treat marine plants and animals with care to ensure their preservation.

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