Ultimate Whale Shark Experience by Nautilus Guests in the Sea of Cortez

Close encounters with whale sharks are both an exciting and humbling experience. Check out what three of our guests onboard the Nautilus have to say about their incredible one-on-one with these magnificent creatures in the Sea of Cortez.

Guest Eric

Boss Jinbe the whale shark fishman. For the manga fans of One Piece, that name invokes the martial arts master who joined the Straw Hat pirates as their helmsman. In reality, down in the Sea of Cortez, 6 strangers riding on a panga got to swim in the wild with a dozen of these gentle giants. It is a humbling human experience to encounter up close the grace of these animals in their natural feeding habitat. For anyone in the world who has been blessed with wanderlust and love the One-Piece manga series, it might be worth the trip to travel to the Sea of Cortes to meet whale sharks up close.

Guest Andrew

After missing the opportunity to swim with whale sharks twice in the past, it was incredible to finally get an opportunity to be in the water with them. It is a moment I have dreamt of for years but I could never have imagined just how beautiful that would be in person.

The first one I got to hop in the water with was a bit skittish, but that did not stop me from following it for as long as I could keep up. As soon as I climbed back into the boat, I was eagerly waiting for my time to get in the water again. Luckily for me, a few people on my boat were tired and chose to sit out for some of their turns which left me with plenty of opportunities to get back in the water.

There was one MASSIVE whale shark that swam directly below me and gave me a perfect view of its beautiful and unique spots. I hope to get the opportunity to swim with whale sharks again soon. It was an experience I will never forget!

Guest Travis

I am glad to be back with Nautilus for my third trip and this time to take in the Ultimate Whale Shark and Sea of Cortez itinerary. While it has only been 2 dive days into the trip, I have had the opportunity to dive with Sea Lions and swim once again with Whale Sharks.

It is great to be back on Belle Amie and see lots of friends from previous trips and experience the excellent service from professional staff that is a part of any Nautilus adventure. Everyone from the dive guides, captain, food, and bar service has been spectacular. Shoutouts to Pascal and Juan David, great diving with you two again, and looking forward to many more.

By Nautilus Guests

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