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  • Sea Lions at San Benitos

    San Benitos: A Sea Lion’s Playground

    If I had to describe San Benito’s diving in just a few words, I would say that is is a “sea lion’s playground.”

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  • Underneath a great white, photo by divemaster Mirko

    Sharks, Sea Lions and Seals Galore

    On occasion we also see humpback whales and even beaked whales, which are an extremely rare species that are capable of diving deeper than sperm whales!

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  • First mate Tavis and I slipped into the water off Cedros Island to check out hordes of sea lions, Guadalupe fur seals and the elephant seals making such a ruckus on the beach.

    After 3 Magical days with the great White sharks it was time to point the boat towards the waters of Cedros and Benitos I think some of our guests had already started to wonder how this trip could get any better after spending that much time in the water with such huge animals. This morning the sun peeked over the horizon to show a cloudless sky and the Nautilus Explorer anchored just outside the kelp forest of Benitos Island. The 1st group of guests eagerly splashed into the 20 degree water and all we had to do was wait. As the…

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  • Another blog from Silvia on station at Lupita (her nickname for Guadalupe Island)

    Hola, Again!! One more great trip.. this time with a group of 25 French people. A lot of sharks and happy people. When we were leaving the island, the scenario was amazing… how big and beautiful it is with a nice sunset, that’s the way I decide to introduce you to Lupita (my nickname for Guadalupe)!!! Guadalupe is a Mexican Oceanic Island at 240km S.W. of Ensenada, Baja California. Its a marine biosphere. You can see sea lions, California sea lions and elephant seals. Also, a lot of species of fish such as yellow fin tuna, sometimes Mako shark, blue…

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  • All of our guests were smiling so much because today the pinnipeds touched their hearts..

    Today we had a great combination of an enchanted mysterious kelp forest and a bunch of  curious sea lions, playful Guadalupe seals, shy harbor seals and lazy elephant seals at Cedros island; beautiful sunrise gave us a lovely start this morning near by to the pinniped colony, so we awake with seals barking instead of a classic ruster, then after a nice continental breakfast we got ready for going down into the big kelp forest looking for some pinnipeds which like to play hide and seek in the middle of the magic scenery of huge kelps catching the rays of early…

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  • Conservation threats

    The island was part of the route of the Nao de la China, the Spanish galleon. Galleons were the big wooden cargo ships that made the route from China and the Philippines to the New Spain –as it was called Mexico back then. As the trip was very long, the Spaniards brought some goats with them and set them free at the island, so when they’ll made a stop there they can have fresh meat. But the problem was that Isla Guadalupe doesn’t have any big predators, the biggest one is the burrowing owl, there were no threats for the…

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  • What more do you need than a bikini and great white sharks … thank you for making my dream come true

    One more time the white sharks, pinnipeds and Nautilus rocks! We had more than 8 different sharks during our stay at Guadalupe Island on the Nautilus Explorer. Having around 6 guys every dive caught on our cameras showing how awesome they are plus a bunch of cute sea lions, some shy harbor seals and big elephant seals stilling lot of smiles. In the meantime, we found and get trapped ourselves in magical underwater-scapes from enchanted kelp forrest!!! – DM J.J. Awesome time with the great white sharks and the sea lions, better then I could ever imagined! Nothing like this…

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