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  • Face to face with a great white

    Natural Great White Hunting Behaviour at Guadalupe

    Today we finished off on a thrilling note with over 15 different sharks around the ship throughout the day!

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  • All of our guests were smiling so much because today the pinnipeds touched their hearts..

    Today we had a great combination of an enchanted mysterious kelp forest and a bunch of  curious sea lions, playful Guadalupe seals, shy harbor seals and lazy elephant seals at Cedros island; beautiful sunrise gave us a lovely start this morning near by to the pinniped colony, so we awake with seals barking instead of a classic ruster, then after a nice continental breakfast we got ready for going down into the big kelp forest looking for some pinnipeds which like to play hide and seek in the middle of the magic scenery of huge kelps catching the rays of early…

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  • One of the few places in the world to see Guadalupe fur seals – divemaster report – August 29, 2010.

    The beautiful underwater world of “Islas San Benito” is located west of Isla Cedros which in turn is west of Guerrero Negro in the middle of the Baja peninsula. This Place is paradise come true for Kelp diving fanatics like myself. It is lush, healthy and pristine, with giant kelp, palm kelp, sargasum, sea grass and other colored algae that make it one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, but what makes it really special are the animals you can see here: This is one of the few places in the world where you can dive and…

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  • San Benito

    This place is…fantastic!! I dont like to take this words often in my mounth…but what a kelp!!!Swimming in under the roof of the kelp looking out in to blue blue water. playing with the Guadelupe fur seals wich actualluy are sealions. They are letting us getting really close to them and they are curiosly checking us out. We had two childdren with us this trip Gordon and Jordan and we also went out snorkeling with the sealions what an experience! Diving in the dense kelp with such a good visibility reminds you of getting in to a really dense jungle…

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  • White or Whale shark???

    Location: Isla Guadalupe, Mexico After the serenity of diving the kelp forests at San Benitos it was back to Guadalupe for the adrenaline portion of our combo trip. The 153 nautical mile crossing was very pleasant with average seas of 4-6 feet, which is almost as good as it gets in the open Pacific ocean. Being the Nautilus kids week we had two special guests onboard, 11 year old Jordan Glenn, and 9 year old Gordon Glenn, whose essays on the mighty Great White Shark earned them both a space onboard to see their favorite animals up close in their…

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