San Benito

This place is…fantastic!! I dont like to take this words often in my mounth…but what a kelp!!!Swimming in under the roof of the kelp looking out in to blue blue water. playing with the Guadelupe fur seals wich actualluy are sealions. They are letting us getting really close to them and they are curiosly checking us out. We had two childdren with us this trip Gordon and Jordan and we also went out snorkeling with the sealions what an experience!
Diving in the dense kelp with such a good visibility reminds you of getting in to a really dense jungle from Central america just that you are flying like in a dream. Exprienced divers from Channel islands where with where coming up from the dives and expressing the best Kelpdiving ever! Or one of my best dives ever! It was a joy to see divers expressions in their faces and the happiness and cheer. Like being in love. And yes I am in love with san Benito!!
We got so many places still to discover on this islands. We seen pinacles on the sonars, more kelp forests that we have not dived yet. We got Guadelupe furseals, Californian sealions, harbour seals, what we still have not seen is the elephant seal under water , still just on land. Of fish life we have horn shark, guitar ray, bat ray, yellowtails and of course the orange Garibaldies. Lobsters and abolon are abundant.
After 4 dives we left san Benito for a smooth crossing the 110 Nautical miles to Guadelupe Island for the great white shark diving. Good bye and see you again in November San Benito.
Weather: long 4ft swell. temp 28 C. Mostly sunny.

Water: vizibility up to 90 ft and as lowest end of the day 30ft. temp 20-23 C.

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