Guest Blog – Sept.17/09

Laurie: The water was crystal clear.  We dropped silently down in our steel cage, leaving the security of the Nautilus above to face what lay below.  Our eyes wide, we peered into the deep blue depths.  My heart was beating hard in my chest, my breaths were drawing sharp: I was about to come face to face with the king of the sea.  A few minutes later a shadow caught my attention.  To the right.  Slowly, calmly, it approached.  14 feet long, swift, and strong.  Closer. Closer.  And I was not afraid.  My heart slowed.  My breathing steadied.  Face to face with a Great White Shark: what a moment!
Travis: It was colder than I expected (wish I went with the 7mil instead of the 5 mil!) but it was worth every shiver.  And I would do it in my boxers if it was my only option…the sharks are just that cool.
Laura: My favorite moment on Nautilus this week was witnessing a full Great White breach.  At first I didn’t realize it was a shark…but as it turned in the air I saw its numerous white teeth and its white underside and I knew it was a shark.  Extrodinary!
Mark: Hanging onto the top of the cage, looking down on a white shark swimming past and my friends in the cage trying to get the perfect angle for a shot was my highlight of the week. Being weightless and being in Great White territory face to face with such a magnificent animal is impossible to describe.
Kim: This was my first experience with cold water diving and it exceeded my expectations. White sharks, whale sharks, sea lions, oh my! I couldn’t have asked for any better new diving “firsts”. Special thanks to the awesome crew of the Nautilus Explorer for their flexibility, care, attention and good times with our group! I can’t wait to jump in the water with everyone again soon!

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