Kids Blog – Sept.18/09

Jordan Glenn
The trip PJ, Gordon and I took on the Nautilus Explorer was very exciting. All the crew members were funny and nice. The crew members helped a lot. The snorkeling was very fun, the cage diving was interesting and the zodiac rides were excellent. The food on the boat was delicious. The way the meals were served was creative. The cookies were my favorite.
Being in the cages was a whole other experience for me. I’m used to being in the water with a wave crashing behind me. Putting me in the cages was like putting me in space, it was a whole other environment. Being in the cages was one of the best experiences I have had so far. Breathing through the regulator felt a a thousand times different than breathing through the snorkel. This experience was so exciting. I can go home and tel every one about my trip. The trip changed me a whole lot. I don’t feel different, I just know I am different. I think this trip was an excellent experience.
Gordon Glenn
I went snorkeling. I saw sea lions. It was Dan, Jordan and me. Dan was the leader. I saw weird kinds of fish. I could look down and see the kelp. The kelp at the top was like seaweed. Dan showed me how to free dive with my snorkel on.
I liked going in the hot tub with Jordan. I saw the shark cages go up in the ar and then down into the water. I put on my  wetsuit, my hood, my mask. I got into the shark cage and put the regulator in my mouth. With the regulator in my mouth it felt like regular breathing. I went down into the cage. I saw sharks. The sharks werebig. Being in the cage, I could jump like I was on a trampoline.
Other things I did on the trip:
I took a tour of the engine room.
I did an interview for Gordon-Jordan show by a film crew for a TV show.
I saw a whale shark that came right up to the boat.
I went out out in a little boat and saw a large blue whale from only 20 feet away.
I steered the big boat in the wheelhouse. I went on the zodiac tour to see the elephant seals.
I listened to mauricio’s speech about great white sharks. I also learned there is a shark called a cookie cutter shark.
We toasted marshmallows on the hot tub deck.
On the first morning I saw dolphins on the bow of the boat.

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