Guest Blog – Sept.21/09

This trip has been great!!!!!!! Nice company the Crew has been awesome. And finally the best thing, some Great Whites among us.
The first time that you do see the white shark is truly a once in a life time sensation. Is wonderful, and the
operation is very safe. Being out of the cage for a while make the trip….
Amazing !! Today was even better than yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! White’s are simply great. You should be here. Alfonso Ayala.
Every day exceeds the expectations, not only with sharks but also with service./ !!excellent!!. DOY FE./ SU NOTARIO./
Gracias por esta maravilosa experiencia, !!!Yeahhhh!!!!
Did you not see me awake in the morning at 4 am ready to go inthe water!!
And just after the cages where open I had my first shark almost direct! Great day!m Lots of activity and I got some real close up photos!
The submersible cage is a treat! To stand on the top and get a 360 view of it all. When that male really came in close I decided to get down in the cage again though! Just waiting for tomorrow I be up early and first in the cage!!

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