All of our guests were smiling so much because today the pinnipeds touched their hearts..

marcus merrin 2w

Today we had a great combination of an enchanted mysterious kelp forest and a bunch of  curious sea lions, playful Guadalupe seals, shy harbor seals and lazy elephant seals at Cedros island; beautiful sunrise gave us a lovely start this morning near by to the pinniped colony, so we awake with seals barking instead of a classic ruster, then after a nice continental breakfast we got ready for going down into the big kelp forest looking for some pinnipeds which like to play hide and seek in the middle of the magic scenery of huge kelps catching the rays of early morning light. We had a very sunny and warm noon and it was the perfect time to jump on the sea lions colony to have this cute guys swimming, turning, jumping, modeling all around us for everyone to take pictures and have all kind of angles and close ups with the lovely and inquisitive sea lions and Guadalupe seals. If this was not enough for the guests of the Nautilus Explorer, our great day came to a close  with a tour on the inflatables so we can enjoy the sea lions families at the beach laying down, looking at us, sleeping next to the big and shy elephants seals and taking the warm of the sunset before the quiet night will arise!!!
All our guest were  smiling so much because today the pinnipeds touched their hearts!!!
One more grateful and exquisite day onboard of the Nautilus Explorer! Thanks everyone!
– D.M. J. J.
Slow and smooth swell on the first dive
Sunny and warm day
Calm seas.
Vis between 20 ft to 40 ft.
Temperature 66 degrees underwater, surface 68 degrees, 90 degrees outside 4 dives, one at the kelp forest and three at the sea lions colony

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