Please help us make a difference at Socorro Island and stop illegal fishing.

Este sábado 7 de septiembre la petición sobrepasó las 2,000 firmas. ¡ Solamente durante el viernes, más de 200 de ustedes la firmaron ! Es por esto que se esperará algunos días más para entregarla impresa con todas las firmas y comentarios. / Last Saturday September the 7th the petition surpassed 2,000 signatures. Only during Friday more than 200 of you signed it ! There will be a few more days before it is printed and delivered so everyone has a chance to read, comment and sign.
Por la difusión y el compromiso de todos /for everyone’s commitment and for spreading the word.
To sign the petition please see the link below:
This petition, requesting effective, urgent and permanent protection for the Biosphere Reserve, Archipelago Revillagigedo, will be submitted to the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto and to the environmental authorities. It desperately needs your signature. Tuna surveillance helicopters have been seen this year, and at least 6 boats, illegally fishing, for tuna and sharks and other species, have been identified on video. Dive boats authorized to be in the area have reported them to the authorities, but the captains’ requests to keep the fishing activity away from international divers below have been scorned, putting the divers’ lives in danger as you can see in the video Nuevamente pesca illegal below.
The petition requests that resources for patrolling this Reserve be increased; this site is nearly 200 miles from land and the tiny Navy base on Socorro is responsible for patrolling not only that stretch of ocean but also the Mexican economic zone another 200 miles to the north, south and west. Mexico needs to show the world that it is a country where the law is respected and upheld. Signatures are needed, you can be of any nationality.
Please ask all your contacts who love this place, who love mantas, who love the ocean, to sign and pass on this petition. It takes only a short time to upset the balance of this ecosystem to the point where it upsets the balance in all the other points on the migratory routes of the mantas, sharks, humpbacks, turtles and other pelagics who stop here to rest. If you do nothing else today, please sign this petition and pass it on. I will keep you informed as I find out more. The power here is in the hands of the individuals who network, as we can stop this.
To sign the petition please see the link below:

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