Captain Gordon Kipp’s lowdown report on diving with great white shark at Guadalupe Island

Currently into our third day of cage diving on this 10 day Guadalupe/San Benitos combo expedition.
We’ve had beautiful conditions topside with flat calm water in the anchorage with consistently sunny skies all day.
The cage diving started off a little slow on our first day but by late morning the whities had arrived and have been hanging around ever since. For the most part we’ve been having 1 or 2 male great white sharks at a time keeping us company, with various stragglers making brief yet very exciting appearances. On some dives the sharks have been staying a little deeper and not too interested in the cages, while on other dives they would exhibit very curious behaviour, approaching the cages to within a few feet to check out what was happening inside and say hello. Tomorrow we’ll have our 4th and final day of cage diving before the 155 nautical mile journey to the islands of San Benitos and Cedros for some world class kelp and pinniped diving. Everyone is having a good time and eager for their next dive.
– Captain Gordon Kipp
Diving conditions: viz 125ft plus, water temp 20C Surface conditions: light winds and calm, air temp 25-28C

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