What more do you need than a bikini and great white sharks … thank you for making my dream come true

One more time the white sharks, pinnipeds and Nautilus rocks! We had more than 8 different sharks during our stay at Guadalupe Island on the Nautilus Explorer. Having around 6 guys every dive caught on our cameras showing how awesome they are plus a bunch of cute sea lions, some shy harbor seals and big elephant seals stilling lot of smiles. In the meantime, we found and get trapped ourselves in magical underwater-scapes from enchanted kelp forrest!!!
– DM J.J.
Awesome time with the great white sharks and the sea lions, better then I could ever imagined!
Nothing like this could work without that incredible crew that puts so much effort in their work to make the trip one that you will never forget!
I will never forget it!!
Awesome engineer !:)
– Mike W.
What do you need more than a bikini, a surface cage and great white sharks?
– Eva & Isa
I’ve had an amazing time aboard the Nautilus Explorer, the experience of diving with white sharks was one of the best in my life so far! Many Thanks to the crew, you did a great job and everything in your power to make your guests feel comfortable and happy ˆ and you succeeded! I’ll hope to come back soon!
– Victoria
Thanks for another great trip on board of the Nautilus Explorer. Fantastic dives and amazing experience meeting the graceful white sharks.
I am already looking forward to coming back next March. Thanks also to the fantastic crew who made this trip perfect!
– Ina
Thank you so much for make my dreams come true. To dive with great white sharks is one of the best experiences ever. It was amazing to see these incredible animals. We know they won’t be there forever. :o( This trip gave me so much, I wish to get another chance to see them before they leave this world behind. The crew and the boat are just perfect. Thank you so much.
– Rapha
We had a incredible trip with this beautiful boat with such a great crew. All of our expectations came true. To see the great white sharks and dive with seals was so unique we will never forget. Thanks a lot and see you again on a trip to Socorro!!! Adolfo told me to say that he was awesome!!
– Michael and Daina

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