Captain's Log – Guadalupe Island – 3 white shark breaches one after another

Well we have been out at Guadalupe Island for the last two days on the Nautilus Explorer. We anchored up this trip at the White Shark Gully and it has been a great site for us. Action has been non-stop every dive the last two days. We know big Bruce is around but he has not paid us a visit yet. Yesterday was very good for observing the behaviour of sharks and how they establish who the boss is.
Dr Mauricio Hoyes – Mexico’s leading expert on white sharks – spent the day with us which is always a treat for our guests. Mauricio is an old friend and we always enjoy the way he illuminates their behaviour and gives context to what we are seeing.
Lots of shark to shark interaction, parallel swimming, no breaches seen from the cage yesterday but at least three near the stern of the boat. Most breaches seem to occur fairly early in the morning. Vis remained good over 125 feet and temps currently are 21C at the surface and 19C at depth.
Wherever you are, enjoy your diving and be safe. We are!
– Captain Al
Nautilus Explorer

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