Captain's log – Guadalupe Island on the Nautilus Explorer : diving can only be described as unreal.

Well it has been two days of incredible diving so far. The first day we had at least one great white shark every dive and as many as three at a time on probably half the dives that day.  The surface cages proved to be a good location as late in the day the sharks were close to the surface for several hours. A few breaches to entertain those on the back deck watching as well.
The second day of diving can only be described as unreal. Four or five white sharks with us most of the day, with two or three making close and personal passes by both the submersible cages and the 5 metre cage.  A wonderful experience for our guests.  Add about 4 or 5 breaches and made for a day that will be hard to repeat. Hopefully we will have more tomorrow. Conditions have been excellent out here with Sun every day all day, light winds and only a slight chop at times from the wraparound waves at the north end of the island. Water temp remains in the 19C range with vis being mostly between 100 -125′ or 30 – 35 M visibility.
A hard day to beat but will see what happens today.
– Captain Al Spilde

By Nautilus Staff

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