Although it's my first trip to Guadalupe Island, I can't imagine it can get any better than this one!

Every day we get to see more great white sharks at once than before and the time down in the cages is getting more and more exciting.
Can’t wait until the next exciting day and the things we’ll get to see! :o) But I don’t want to forget about the crew! They’re awesome! Always in good mood and joking while they do everything to comfort you!
Leaving Guadalupe Island today.  Wow what an adventure and amazing experience.  The Great White sharks put on an unbelievable show for us.  Many close encounters.  Definitely one from the bucket list.  The hospitality and service on the Nautilus Explorer was above and beyond.
– Case Belltawn  – Davis, CA
Great trip so far.   Wonderful food and care from the expert crew. Every dive with the white sharks brought something different.   Being in the cage surrounded by such huge, powerful predators was always exciting; we kept an eye out for close-up views or just observed their speed and power as they stalked us.  After our dives we couldn’t stop talking about our experiences underwater. Sad to leave Guadalupe Island today, would definitely return for more.
-Kristina Klinkner, Seattle, WA

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