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Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did.

– Mark Twain

Liveaboard Diving
Socorro. Cocos. Sea of Cortez.

Socorro, Sea of Cortez, Mexico Sardine Run, Cocos Island, San Ignacio Lagoon

We do it all. If there are cool big animals, we want to share the experience with you. Our adventures combine the utmost safety, comfort and luxurious touches with excellence in guest experience. From orcas and mobula rays to super playful dolphins, great whales, 12 species of sharks, giant mantas, and so much more. We cover it all. The only question is which expedition to sign up for next!?

Socorro Island

Socorro Island

Giant Mantas, Dolphins & 12 Species of Sharks

Known for its stunning, raw, and primal beauty, Socorro offers fantastic diving experiences, where super-friendly giant mantas, playful bottlenose dolphins, and 12 species of sharks await your affection.

Sea of Cortez - Whale Sharks

Sea of Cortez

Ultimate Whale Sharks

Bahia de Los Angles is a very special place with up to 220 friendly and curious whale sharks visiting every season and is best accessed by a liveaboard expedition ship.

Sea of Cortez - Orcas

Sea of Cortez

Orca Expeditions

These adventures are not just about orcas but depending on the season, blue, finback, sperm and pilot whales and getting in the water with massive schools of mobula rays, huge pods of dolphins, whale sharks and of course, super playful sea lions.

Sea of Cortez - Aquarium of the World

Sea Of Cortez

5 & 7-Night Liveaboard Diving Adventure

You will soon experience first hand why Jacques Cousteau named the Sea of Cortez the “Aquarium of the World” for the variety and amount of marine life.

Cocos Island - Island of the Sharks


Cocos – Island of the Sharks

Known as the ‘Island of the Sharks,’ it’s not just about the famous schooling hammerheads where the sharks come to you, but a tiny tropical rainforest oasis in the eastern Pacific.

Magdalena Bay - Mexican Sardine Run

Magdalena Bay

Mexican Sardine Run

During October to January, a magical event happens in the nutrient rich swirling blue waters off Magdalena Bay where All sorts of predators gather to hunt on the second largest sardine run in the world.

San Ignacio Lagoon -Whale Interaction-

San Ignacio Lagoon

The Most Extraordinary Whale Interaction on the Planet

How do you even being to describe the experience of a giant 40-foot long whale, looking you in the eye and communicating very clearly that they want you to put your hand in the water.

Baja Ultimate Whales

Baja Ultimate Whales

Expedition Yacht & Whale Camp

Meet the most majestic whales on the planet: Gray whales, humpbacks, blue whales, fin-back whales and whale sharks. Lets not forget about the huge pods of dolphins.

Your Home at Sea

Our liveaboard diving ships were constructed with careful consideration. Relentless and obsessive attention to safety has been a cornerstone of our business from our very early days in the 1980’s.

Nautilus Explorer

Our flagship featuring an all new super-large dive deck and water level platform combined with picture windows around the main salon and separate dining room.

Nautilus Belle Amie

We launched the Belle Amie in 2015 and she is a beauty. Modern. Super spacious. Designed specifically for Socorro. Featuring suites in which you feel that you are staying in a hotel.

Nautilus UnderSea

The UnderSea first entered service in 1968 as the personal submarine tender to Dr. Perry of Perry Oceanographic. We graced the ship with a massive shipyard refit including: stretching the hull out to 105 feet, a new superstructure and extended sun deck, a bulbous bow and stability system.

Nautilus Gallant Lady

Imagine a 116 foot yacht that accommodates small groups of 12 divers in 6 large suites. Our beautiful Gallant Lady combines the luxury of a yacht with the thoughtful design of a dive deck built for divers.

Mango Wind

Our beautiful Leopard 45 sailing catamaran provides a different and intriguing way to experience the Sea of Cortez. Sailing is fun. Sailing is awesome!

Nautilus Westerly

Giving back. At our core, we believe in giving back to Mother Ocean. One of the ways we do this is to make the Westerly available at cost for conservation or science trips around Baja and out to both Socorro and the Islas Marias.

What Makes Us Different


Safety First

The cornerstones of everything we do: safety, excellence in guest experience, happy staff, and happy crew.


Guest Excellence

Excellence in guest experience is all about you. Our focus is to ensure that you as our guest are safe and able to enjoy your vacation to the highest level.


Animal encounters

We provide the best opportunities for encounters, which are always conducted with the utmost respect and only on the animals’ own terms. It’s entirely their choice to swim over and check us out.

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Friendly manta encounters at Cabo Pearce

July 2nd, 2024

Friendly manta encounters at Cabo Pearce

Cabo Pearce was amazing this week; clear blue water and every single dive we had many friendly mantas. They were cleaning just as much as interacting with the divers, getting the bubble baths. They love it! The end of the season in Revillagigedo is truly special… There’s more fauna than ever, the weather is warm, […]

Mobulas in the Sea of Cortez

June 18th, 2024

Mobulas in the Sea of Cortez

Today was the second day of the wonderful trip of mobulas and orcas. We have been moving along Punta Arena, observing the beautiful lighthouse and the gigantic desert beach that make up this ledge. And as it could not be otherwise, we had a great show with the mobulas. First swimming with them in a […]

Mantas, Dolphins and Sharks and much more marine life

June 9th, 2024

Mantas, Dolphins and Sharks and much more marine life

This week has been as incredible as it could be, Marine life here is amazing, its incredible the beauty of these islands, we had the chance to see Mantas, Dolphins and Sharks and much more marine life, im still learning how they interact with human being… o love this place. Our guests had a beautiful […]

Manta interaction is something special in Socorro

June 1st, 2024

Manta interaction is something special in Socorro

Manta interaction is something special around these islands. I still don’t understand why these Mantas are so much more social then around other places. It seems like they genuinely like the interaction with humans. We spend the day at Cabo Pearce I like usually the Mantas were so friendly. Specially on the second dive of […]

Many mobulas!

May 28th, 2024

Many mobulas!

We start our first day of the trip in “El Saltito” with many mobulas! Ours guests get in the water with hundreds (maybe thousands) of mobulas. The best way to start our “Mobulass and Orcas” trip. Nikee

Another good day at Revilla

May 28th, 2024

Another good day at Revilla

Punta Tosca with mantas, dolphins hunting bonitas, yellow fin tunas and lots of juvenile sharks. The third dive was at El Acuario and we saw a Tiger shark!We had another good day at Revilla Pablo

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