Zero to Hero: Underwater Photography Courses

Whether marveling at psychedelic coral cities or making eye contact with a manta ray seemingly straight out of Star Wars, scuba diving opens your eyes to another world. Underwater photography helps cement these scenes into lifelong memories. But capturing said world and freezing it in time isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s where we come in. Whether you have ‘all the gear and no idea’, or are a seasoned pro looking to hone your underwater photography skills, our knowledgeable team are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

On any of our trips, guests can learn the secrets to getting the perfect photo with a complimentary photography workshop. Taking place on the trip departure day at our dive center, learn how your camera works, the perfect camera setting for your trip, and where to position your strobes for better results.

Underwater Photography Workshop

We also offer a one-day complete photography workshop for those who like to learn in the field. Led by our Backscatter Photography Pros, you’ll suit up, boot up and giant stride (or backward roll) into one of Cabo San Lucas’ local dive sites to learn the tricks of the trade, working on your own photos after the dive in our Backscatter Photography Center. These courses are tailor-made to suit your needs, ensuring you leave with the knowledge and skills required to capture the perfect underwater photo.

What will I learn?

Whatever you want to learn! The course is completely tailormade to fit your needs. Featuring a week of immersion training, the course will teach you:

• Photography basics (aperture, shutter speed, iso) and camera set up
• Achieving the perfect exposure
• Focus techniques
• Strobe positioning depending on the subject you want to shoot
• Image reviewing and editing on lightroom and photoshop

Zero to Hero: Backscatter
One-on-One Course

Become a Photography Pro in a week with the Zero to Hero Backscatter course, the ultimate underwater photography workshop for those who are really looking to take their photography skills to the next level. Available either one-on-one or in a small group, the Zero to Hero course is a personalized photography workshop offered on our Socorro liveaboard trips. The coaching program will deep dive (excuse the pun) into the world of underwater photography, detailing every aspect of getting that perfect manta shot.

“As a photographer I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I saw the opportunity to take the one-on-one Zero to Hero workshop, I knew this was the opportunity I was waiting for. I think what I liked most about the workshop was the shoot and review style learning, but really, it’s the whole package. It’s sitting down and doing the hands-on theory, understanding the technical components, talking through strobe placement depending on the subject I wanted to shoot, and even the post review and editing after the dives. But even being underwater, taking a shot, getting the review, making any adjustments, and doing it again, just set constant shoot and review, really made it practical and impactful.”

— Kat Rose, Hawaii, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie

You will be able to take photos like…

©Kathleen Rose
©Kathleen Rose
©Kathleen Rose
©Kathleen Rose

Interested in taking a Backscatter underwater photography course on your next trip?

Whether you want to take our one-day photography workshop or embark on the week-long Zero to Hero underwater photography course, get in touch today and take your underwater photography skills to the next level.