Within minutes of our first dive of the trip 2 great white sharks swam right up to the cage.

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I have had many, many adventures. Mainly because I am so damned old- 77 ˆ ICK! But this is one of my best ones. I am so fortunate to have 3 stalwart successful sons who paid for my Nautilus Explorer, Great White adventure. I flew in from South Dakota that may have had Megaladons in the ancient Inland Sea that our Badlands just east of the Black Hills once held. I am somewhat Spiritual (not Religious) and as many who are on this wonderful cruise; I too seemed to have some connection with the Great White shark and was thrilled when the first one swam casually by our cage. My sons also brought two friends whom I knew when they were much younger. We would go out into the Badlands and shoot prairie dogs. On the way from Minnesota we would do a camp out on a eastern Sioux reservation and shoot a couple rattlesnakes and along with a pheasant or two several cans of baked beans and maybe a cottontail rabbit we‚d have a rights of passage for these Minneapolis suburb kids that talk about yet to this day. Now here we are in a beautiful secluded bay with a wonderful crew and fantastic food. How fortunate are we to yet go forth on another adventure.
Pilamiya ho Wakan Tanka- (Thank you Great Spirit.) Pee Lam ee yah ho Wha Khan Tahn kah
– Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, Oglala Sioux
First day after a rough 20 hour boat ride from Ensenada to Guadalupe.  Many of the passengers fell ill with seasickness as the boat made its way.  After a good nights rest I woke up to the cherry pickers dropping the cages in the cobalt blue water.  We descended 30 ft down in the cages.  As I panned the scene I spotted the first Great White coming toward the cage to investigate its new neighbors.  Within minutes we had been greeted by two more!  I‚d like to think they swam by us with reciprocated wonder.  They got so close you could even see their eyes move and the sinew caught in their teeth!  Some of my fellow divers were fortunate enough to get a cage bump and the captain of the ship came within a foot of a large male.
It was quite a sight!  As the day went on they seem to become more comfortable with us, came closer more often, and stayed in the vicinity for longer periods of time.  We wrapped up the day with an evening dive just before sunset.  The Great Whites are in good company and so are we! Looking forward to day two!!!
– Rob Brown

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