Another blog from Silvia on station at Lupita (her nickname for Guadalupe Island)

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Again!! One more great trip.. this time with a group of 25 French people. A lot of sharks and happy people. When we were leaving the island, the scenario was amazing… how big and beautiful it is with a nice sunset, that’s the way I decide to introduce you to Lupita (my nickname for Guadalupe)!!!
Guadalupe is a Mexican Oceanic Island at 240km S.W. of Ensenada, Baja California. Its a marine biosphere. You can see sea lions, California sea lions and elephant seals. Also, a lot of species of fish such as yellow fin tuna, sometimes Mako shark, blue sharks and of course the Great White Shark.
Since 2005 boats have been coming here to cage dive the the great white shark. The visibility of the water is so good that sometimes it is about 150 feet clear. That is why I think that Guadalupe is the top place to see them.
– Hostess Silvia 🙂

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