I counted 5 great white sharks around me including a male with a huge distended belly that made him look like a big momma female!

alexey stepanov
We had a wonderful day yesterday as the great white sharks were just getting active and they just came in by pairs. I counted about 5 at one moment it had me excited. No matter how much I do it I just feel like every time I do see them it gives me that feeling that it is hard to resist and not look at their actions. Today we had an even better day, we had 4 big female and a young female plus a huge male that I even thought was a female. He must have had a huge meal that would last for a week, that’s to tell you how big his belly was.
The water temp was 20 C and the vis was 100 plus and the weather was unbeatable this morning, we saw the sun just popping up at the sea level and it was bright. I knew it was going to be a great day, it was warm and nice plus the light made it even better for the pictures and videos. Well we are heading back and it is a nice crossing, anyway, I will let you all know whats going on for the next trip news.
– DM Juan

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