"Big" & "Cream Puff" visit the Nautilus Under Sea

Today would have to be the equivalent of a “blue bird” day…underwater, that is. Our second day at Guadalupe is what I would consider to be a “blue water white shark” day. What started with a bit of overcast skies, soon burned off and made for beautifully sunny and blue water cage diving from the Nautilus Under Sea Hunter.
By lunch time, we had all had a couple rounds of excellent dives with at least six different sharks – at least three males and three females. From the submersible cages, shark activity picked up in the deeper blue, with some great views of large males named “Big” and “Cream Puff” swimming gracefully and deliberately around us, making some very close passes by the cages and offering some fantastic photo opportunities.
A few lucky divers were even treated to an exciting show of a fur seal dancing around under the boat and showing off right in front of a shark. As the sun set behind Guadalupe Island in the afternoon, the action did not slow down and all cages were full of divers at the surface taking it all in until the last minute.
– NUS Divemaster Maya Santangelo, Australia

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