Seal taunts Great White Shark?

This was our first trip to Guadalupe, and what an experience! The first time witnessing these magnificent creatures in the flesh is truly mesmerizing and an absolute privilege. It’s as though you’re smack bang in a TV wildlife documentary. We were lucky enough to watch a playful seal join the party on one dive, who appeared to torment the Great White by swimming in loops around him and trying to nip his tail. We never expected to see sharks on every dive, so we feel extremely lucky to have seen multiple on most. The captain and crew on the Nautilus Under Sea have gone above and beyond our expectations – they all work around the clock to give guests the best possible experience. Thanks to every one of them for making our trip a truly memorable one.
– Deb & Andy Knight, United Kingdom

Normally I go all 2 or 3 years to south Africa to see the great white. This was my first trip to Guadalupe, it was an amazing trip with a nice staff team, and I got to see the great white sharks. Thank you for all and I see you soon.
– Stefan, Germany

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