Grumpy Big Female Sharks

I was called to come up and make a trip with Nautilus Explorer and then it become a second…It has been about 2 years since I was here working as a guide. Coming back, it all comes together with the memories. The Island of Guadalupe flowing in the first morning sun, the screaming of the Guadalupe fur seals from the rocky shore and the blubbering sound of the elephant seals.
This trip we have had the full moon at night that gives the island a silvery-look, clear skies and flat water. It is a bit of a dream working when it is like this. I remember for about 10 years ago when the owner Mike Lever had the first submersible designed and made, I had the pleasure to make the very first test run…I was a skeptic and had my own scuba tank with me; the first time it did not work very well and during the night we re-did some things and had it up and running. Then came another one, changes and then two more boats, Belle Amie and Under Sea and today running these cages with all different ways its been rebuilt and adjusted it must be some of the Rolls-Royce of shark cages today. Open, big, and stable, even in waves.
What about the sharks? Sharks we saw the first day were really good. Yesterday we had this grumpy, fairly big female that was taking over our boat and I saw her chasing away other incoming sharks. Still, she was not very “fun”; not coming so close to the cages. It happens. Today is the last day and we will see how it goes. Viz is good when you clearly see the anchor chain from the stern of the 115 ft Nautilus.
Though we are going back to Ensenada this afternoon, the trip is not over. I have experienced things we see out at sea going back, outside here beaked whales and also one trip the biggest group of Sperm whales; I am talking about more than 200 animals! All going one direction, south-west and just about 30 miles from Ensenada we are passing a undersea mountain chain that comes up where there is almost always sea life. The trip before this one, we saw a group of 500 common dolphins feeding. Also sea lions, birds, Mola Molas, and very often in the late autumn I have enjoyed seeing Blue whales feeding.
– Divemaster Sten “Vikingo” Johansson

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