Great Whites up with the morning sun

What an amazing day! The Great Whites were up with the morning sun with multiple surface hits before the first submersible was lowered down. We’ve been seeing a great combination of male and female sharks. There are often two to three sharks around the cages at one time, making it difficult to decide where to look. There was even a lone sea lion whose curiosity had us all holding our breath as he displayed his bravery by leaving the safety of Guadalupe’s shore to have a swim with the Great Whites. Fortunately, the interaction concluded with the sea lion returning to shore without harm. The Nautilus Undersea Hunter crew is doing an incredible job of seeing to everyone’s needs while also keeping the sharks highly interested in circling the cages.
– Jacob Berg, San Diego, CA

It was an awesome day yesterday!! The sharks are amazingly beautiful and massive. This is like heaven on earth…This was the last thing on my bucket list and I did save the best for last!! The crew have been extremely wonderful. They are very attentive and you basically do not have to ask for anything. They all work together like a finely tuned instrument. Thank you all so much for this wonderful experience! We also, met some fabulous people from all around the world.
– Anna McIver, Twin Falls, ID

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