Rocas Alijos is described in the Pilot Book and by the pirate John Clipperton as a dangerous place that should be avoided. We loved it!! 27 Aug 2010. Crew log

We have left behind 2/3 of our combo trip with great mix of Great White Sharks on Guadalupe Island., and the Rocas Alijos – which are very remote and very seldom visited by dive boats. We are now approaching our next destination – San Benitos Islands. Yes, in this trip we spend  time traveling from one place to another, but it is worth it.
Cage diving in Guadalupe Island with majestic Greate White sharks in their natural habitat. When these huge sea animals approach you just a short distance away in crystal – clear water (vis. 140ft+) it is really unforgettable. We spent 3 days there and nobody wanted to leave that beautiful island with its amazing creatures, sunrises and rocks, but the craving for adventure led us ahead to our next destination…
The first description of Rocas Alijos or Escollos Alijos is from 1704, by pirate John Clipperton and the most recent survey used in modern charts is from 1837. You can not find much information about this place in Sailing Directions or Pilot Books except for their aproximate position and notations indicating that it is a dangerous place and should be avoided. But can it stop real divers? To dive in purple blue water with unimaginable mix of tropical and cold water species, with conditions tempting for all kinds of divers from masters to beginers…Oh! The warm water temperature is up to 72 F and a good appetizer for our main course – cold water diving in magic kelp forest, which await us in San Benitos…
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Pacific Ocean, August 27, 2010

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