We recommend the Nautilus Explorer to the world!! Guest blog – San Benitos Island – August 28, 2010

Today is dive day #5 and the dives have been awesome. Tons of seals and sea lions today, swimming in circles around me! Great photos of the kelp forest. Again all of the crew have been wonderful. The Dive Masters rock! Did I mention the best chef in the world Juan Carlos is on board this trip. Come hungry, the food is the best, Crab, Steaks, Roast Beef, Eggs Benedict and more. Our Hostesses, Kate and Sylvia take great care of you! Bayu has been there for anything you need! If you haven’t made this trip yet…what are you waiting for! It will be the best Dive trip ever!
J. Turner, Chicago IL
Today I jumped in the water for one of the best scuba dives of the trip. It was the fourth dive of the day and the sun was at a nice angle to illuminate the giant kelp forest. We saw everything in one dive: two Bat Rays, several illusive Kelp Fish, lobsters, juvenile Geribaldi, a giant Sea Hare, and a Green Sea Turtle. Jessie said she had never seen one in the kelp before. It was a great dive. Jim Stringer
Etonnantes rencontres de proximite avec le grand requin blanc dans une eau transparente,les yeux dans les yeux.
L’equipage du Nautilus Explorer est aux petits soins avec nous et l’ambiance et tres bonne.
C’est une experience inoubliable que l’on a envie de renouveler.
James Chevreuil.
What a incredible trip – the weather is not against us (till now…), the crew and the Captain are nothing else than PERFECT, the dives are fantastic! Dives are a challenge but always on the safety way, this is something not to find so often. We really appreciate this cruise and will recommend it to all the world – if You want… 🙂

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