Sea of Cortez Spring Scuba Diving Adventure

Location: La Reina, Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Comments: Captain Dave reports that our guests are having a wonderful first day on their weeklong Sea of Cortez spring scuba diving adventure… They started the dive day at the tiny little islet of La Reina – famous for the enormous bait ball of scad (mackerel) that hang out around the rock. Up until a couple of years ago, this was known as the best and most reliable site in the Sea of Cortez at which to find giant manta rays. Adult California sea lions entertained themselves by playing with the divers, and amongst themselves! Our divemasters were surprised to see Moorish Idols in the relatively chilly water of 67°F.

In the afternoon, everyone went for a shore walk on Cerralvo Island. While the island looks barren and desert-like from a distance, guests discovered lots of flowers and cacti and even a tiny spring running with fresh water even though it’s only rained here once since last October!

Weather: Calm, clear, sunny, beautiful, air temperature of 78°F.

Water: Water temperature 67°F (chillier than Socorro!!), visibility variable from 20 – 50 feet.

By Nautilus Staff

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