Bunny rabbits in the desert

Location: Espiritu Santo, wreck of the Salvatierra, Suwammee Reef, Sea of Cortez
Comments: Captain Dave reports that the guests and crew onboard the Nautilus Explorer are enjoying another beautiful, calm and hot day in the Sea of Cortez.  Their day started with a beach walk on the island of Espiritu Santo which is a protected Sea of Cortez Biosphere Reserve.   As hoped for, guests spotted lizards and desert plants including a surprising number of passion flowers and some other very colourful flowers.  The big surprise was coming across bunny rabbits!   Today’s dive sites included the wreck of the ferry Salvatierra and Suwammee Reef with it’s enormous biomass of fish, sealions and comorants.  This is where Peter Schalwyk, one of our favourite divemasters, shot his famous sequence of a determined cormorant chasing and finally catching a bait fish.
Weather: Clear skies, light winds from the north, seas 1 foot or less, air temperature 80°F
Water: Water temperature a brisk 65°F, visibility 30 feet