A Dive Master’s First-Hand Experience of Incredible Dives in Las Animas

Hi all, this morning we were making our way to an island named Las Animas, which is located between San Jose and Santa Cruz in the Sea of Cortez. On our way here we spotted a whale and once we arrived at the anchorage, we had our first dive of the day. It was a great dive and the divers did see playful sea lions, octopuses, and a big school of big eye jacks, but the jewel in the crown was a 40-individual school of juvenile hammerheads. Once the divers surfaced a pod of dolphins was waiting for them, it is just awesome.

Amazing dives at Las Animas

Today we had a magical day of diving. We arrived early in the morning at one of my favorite places in the Sea of Cortez, Las Animas. I love this place because it is where you can expect the unexpected.

We had just arrived when a Fin Whale swam by casually on the first dive of the day. We went down next to the north pinnacle just off the little island. As soon as we went down, we started to swim outwards. Not even 5 minutes into the dive, I could see some shiny bellies in the distance and I knew right away that they were Hammerhead sharks. I was hoping they would circle back so the rest of the group could see them as well. Only two of the guests saw them pass by. I stopped to see if they would circle back.

And then it happened, a school of around 40 juvenile Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks came straight to us. They did another two laps around us. Now I was happy because all the guests in my group were able to see them.

To top it all, after the dive, we found a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins. As they showed up, we went to see them with the inflatable. The rest of the day was spent diving with super interactive Sea Lions.

Such a great day. All guests did not stop talking about how good the dive day was. Tomorrow we are going to Loreto. Let us see what this holds for us……

Beautiful San Pedro Martyr Island

The next day at the beautiful San Pedro Martyr Island, the unknown Gem, was a wonderful experience too. We took the clients for some great dives around this peculiar island in the middle of nowhere. They were awestruck by the different kinds of sea life as well as the beautiful topography of the dive sites. Some sea lions and even a big and beautiful sea horse showed up too. A lucky day!

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