Captain’s Noon Reports – Explorer – 2022-05-24

Location: The Boiler

Weather: Cloudy Skies, NW Wind (8-10kts), NNW Swell (2ft)

Yesterday we arrived at San Benedicto at 2230 hrs. Today we started the day with our warm-up dive at the Fondeadero, a lot of guests were nervous and exiting about it but once they came out from this dive they just love the place and we can notice that they were not nervous anymore, San Benedicto has a lovely way to say welcome, dive conditions were good, about the marine life we could see a manta for a couple of minutes, some silvertips sharks, Galapagos sharks, octopus, and lobsters, not bad for a 1st dive and for the 2nd one we dove the canyon, the dive conditions were pretty much the same just the current increase a little but no so much, marine life is full of sharks, three hammerheads sharks, silver tips, Galapagos sharks, many juvenile Galapagos sharks, our guests are very happy about it. We are going to do 2 more dives here and tomorrow we are going to do the Boiler

Water temperature: 75°F

Visibility: 50ft

  • Captain Ramón

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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