Swimming With the Sharks and the Whales – Amazing Guest Experiences

When you are on a face-to-face encounter with sharks, mantas, and other exotic sea creatures, the best way to know about the experience is to get it straight from the guests who have been through it all.

Here are some first-hand accounts of incredible encounters underwater.

Guest Ronen and Nadav Raz

Today was the last day of diving. The sun had come out and it promised to be a beautiful day. But no one can really know what is going on in the underwater world. At 8 o’clock we were in the boat, the guide counted 123 and we jumped into the water. A minute later, we were down to a depth of 15 meters deep, and the endless beauty of the Canyon slowly opened before us.

Two big hammerhead sharks were the first to show up with their especially strange looks. Then we got into the shark cleaning station… sounds like a beauty shop. There we got to meet again various shark species like white tip, silver tip, silky, Galapagos, and even one tiger shark that swam in to get a makeover.  

And then came the beautiful gentle flying angels, the Giant Mantas. So big, so calm, so confident, and so curious, even more than us. There we could see and believe a contract that was made between Nadav my son, and a black Manta. She came back again and again to feel the bubbles that Nadav spread below her.

Sometime later we were on the surface excited, waiting for the boat and talking about the wonderful dive when suddenly she came again. Manta shouted Nadav and we all looked in his direction. There she was, waving to us, or better still, waving to Nadav with her wings. I swear she had come to say goodbye… and welcome us back again

Guest Revathi

The days that I have spent here have been unimaginable. I have been able to see and try new things like snorkeling with whale sharks, being able to feel how to not get cold on a dive, seeing eels for the first time, diving with a bunch of fish at once, and even seeing dolphins out of an aquarium. The waters have been warm and inviting and the jellyfish stings only made it a tiny bit less enjoyable. Being in the water and talking to everyone here has been so enjoyable and I hope we can make more amazing memories in the days to come.

Guest Yiheng & Xiangfei

This is our first liveaboard experience and we have already had a wonderful lifetime experience. Today we swam with whale sharks and it reminded us why we had wanted to learn diving in the first place. Looking forward to the rest of the trip!

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