Amazing Experiences of Guests Diving off the Nautilus Explorer

While situations are often the same, how it is perceived varies from person to person. Here are some guest experiences aboard the Nautilus Explorer while diving off the isolated Socorro Islands, often said to be the best dive site in the world.

Guest Dan M – Nautilus Explorer Socorro Trip April 2023

My name is Dan M. and I had the privilege of being a guest on the Explorer for one of the most amazing trips of a lifetime. Many people in the world and even from the diving world will never make it to this most remote and marine life-filled spot in the Pacific Ocean or maybe any ocean in their lifetimes.

Incredible dives at Socorro and the backup team

We saw many exotic sea creatures such as Hammerheads, Rays, and many other sharks as well as amazing species. The operation itself is based on safety first to maximize the enjoyment of every diver. The boat crews were very attentive to all divers through entry, exit, equipment, and most of all dive briefings. We even had free “knowledge sessions” two of the days on the dive areas and most interestingly a de-myth of shark behaviors and what the world wants us to believe about them.

The food, the accommodation, the kitchen staff, in fact, all the staff was the best it could be. Everyone on that ship works harder in one day compared to the rest of the world. Appreciate the experience, the fun, and the comradery.

My learning curve on this trip

This trip on the Nautilus Explorer has been my first liveaboard experience…. and it has been so amazing as well as a wonderful chance to learn so many things. The ocean has so much to teach us and diving has given me an unparalleled opportunity to experience a world so alien to our own. As a relatively new diver, Socorro provided challenges I did not expect. But I am lucky to have met those challenges with a supportive dive crew.

I could go on and on about the mantas and the sharks and the beautiful sea life so unique to this location… but what has made this experience truly phenomenal has been the chance to expand my comfort zone and skills while diving. I will definitely be making this trip again. 10/10 recommend for the crew, the diving, the sea life, and the beautiful scenery.

Guest Hiranya – The Incredible World of the Cleaning Stations

Day 2 started on the Island of Socorro where the cleaning station action was absolutely legendary. Multiple interactive mantas, between 10 and 12 came through, and the beautiful Clarion angelfish scrubbed them down. We found a small sheltered site called the Amphitheatre and let the show unfold.

On our commute to the cleaning stations, we had a unique interaction with Dolphins. But instead of coming over to cuddle, we saw them in hunting mode. Loud, communicating constantly, shooting through the deep like torpedoes, this was not the behavior of the species that we are typically used to seeing.

The whole of day 2 was unique, and the Mantas never get boring.

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